We don’t just offer a rigorous waxing procedure for your face, legs, armpits, hands and feet, but also ensure that your skin does not lose its quota of essential oils in the process. At our beauty salon Hot wax therapy and special hair removing creams are used to uproot hair completely, so that you do not suffer from hair re-growth within a short period of time. We at galaxy beauty salon, take every precaution to understand skin types, and our waxes are fully hygienic and made from bee-oil and contain honey and fruit extracts. The combination of honey and wax makes your skin smooth and beautiful, minus the hair.

How waxing is good for you.

Why you should chose threading over other hair removing services Many people constantly seek ways to remove unwanted and embarrassing hair through unprofessional methods that don’t always give the desired results. Having excessive body hair is not only uncomfortable but can lead to low self-esteem as well.

Waxing services we offers:

  • Underarms $15
  • Arms Half $20
  • Arms Full $25
  • Legs Half $30
  • Legs Full $40
  • Tummy $20
  • Back Half $15
  • Back Full $25
  • Butt $25
  • Bikini Line $15
  • Chest $10
  • Full Face $30
  • Nose Wax $8
  • Barezilian (Every 4-6 Weeks) $50
  • Barezilian $65
  • Full Body (Barezilian not included) $150

Approximate Time Required for services:

30Min to 60Min