Bleaching the skin is one of the most traditional ways to brighten dark spots and even out the skin tone. Instead of spending hundreds of thousand bucks on expensive dermatologist visits and temporary/permanent laser treatments, one can always opt for Bleach. For skin care, bleaching is one of most used routines used by millions of people around the world. Bleaching services for the skin are categorized as Bleach for Face, Neck, Full Back, Full Hands, Half Back, Half Hands and Full Body Bleach. Bleaching service for skin at galaxy beauty salon is usually a process of applying the natural bleaching cream on your skin and removing the cream after 5-6 minutes. Book your appointment now to experience the refreshing skin care bleaching service at our salon.

Services we provide:

  • Full Face Herbal Tree Bleach $25
  • Full Face VLCC Herbal Bleach Insta Glow $30
  • Arms Bleach $25
  • Under Arms Bleach $15
  • Legs Bleach $30
  • Back Bleach $25
  • Neck Bleach $10
  • Tummy Bleach $20

Approximate Time Required for services:

20Min to 30Min